“The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has long been used as an effective lens through which to examine the actions businesses can take toward ensuring mutual long-term well-being and sustainability.”

~ Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman-World Economic Forum

Sulabh and CSR: an empowering mission for nation building

The Government of India made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) a mandate in 2013, but Sulabh has had a long history of working with businesses to deliver socially responsible projects that have made a critical difference in the lives of people. Our first CSR initiative was with HDFC in Mumbai, Maharashtra in 1989 which led to the construction of a major public toilet in the heart of the city of Mumbai.

Over the years, we have successfully collaborated with over 150 public and private sector companies implementing a range of projects across the water, sanitation, clean energy, skill development and education. These interventions have had remarkable health outcomes in reducing diarrheal disease, mortality and morbidity among children and improving overall health and education of women and girls.

Sulabh’s work and mission today are aligned with areas that fall under SDG 6. We focus specifically on issues of water scarcity — working on sustainable solutions to make clean drinking water and sanitation accessible all; social aspects in drinking water and sanitation, but also economic aspects like wastewater management, rainwater harvesting and rejuvenating water bodies. Sulabh further works on SDG 4 — education and skill development which are imperative for nation-building and also for achieving the SDG goals.

At the time of COVID 19, women trained under Sulabh’s skill development programmes rose up the occasion to meet the rising demand for masks. The masks were made by them and distributed across the country.

With the help and support of the number of companies, Sulabh was able to contribute significantly in Swachh Bharat Mission by constructing millions of toilets and promoting its use. The organisation was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize for its contribution. Sulabh remains immensely thankful to all its partners for its support in helping India achieve this significant milestone. Thank you for believing in us.

We have successfully worked and collaborated with over 130 private companies and PSUs

Why partner with Sulabh?

  • With a workforce of over 60,000 volunteer social workers, we have a pan- India presence across 26 states, 4 Union Territories, more than 550 districts and 1700 towns.
  • We are an NGO in General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.
  • We are on the top of the empanelled list of NGOs for undertaking CSR projects in the field of Rural Drinking water and Sanitation NGO/Social Organization under Ministry of drinking Water & Sanitation.
  • With a 50-year-old legacy we have been able to impact a sizeable population while educating them and providing them with WASH infrastructure.
  • We are aligned with SDG-6: Clean Water & Sanitation as our guiding factor.
    Our experience of constructing and maintaining public toilets/school toilets in Afghanistan, Ghana, Bhutan and South Africa gives us an international edge and presence, the standards of which we aim to replicate in India.
  • Over our years of experience in partnering with the biggest PSUs and private enterprises of India, we thrive to maintain transparency with our partners while making sure to directly engage them in all the activities undertaken.

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Pushpraj Dalal
Vice President – CSR
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