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Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak’s Message to Indians –


22nd March is being observed all over the world as International Water Day. In 1992, United Nations Conference on “Environment and Development” recommended the observance of International Water Day which was endorsed by United Nations General Assembly in 1993, designating 22nd March as the World Water Day.
Water is the moral right of all who are born into this world. Access to water constitutes one of the most basics of human rights. But as water is becoming a fast depleting natural resource, not just in India but all over the world, we are not in a position to fulfill this basic promise and an alarming, life-threatening water crisis stares us in the face. As statistics after statistics show, our planet, our country and our life are in serious danger unless we fix the problem at the earliest by taking up the responsibility to save, conserve and avoid wastage of water.
This is the underlying significance of observing March 22 every year as the World Water Day. This day underlines the utmost and urgent importance of creating a powerful and productive water saving movement in our country—and the rest of the world—before it is too late. Let us show, our dear countrymen, that we care for life and we care for water. Let us join hands and make a difference by setting an effective example of water conservation to the world.
I congratulate and fully endorse the Walk for Water Foundation, Hyderabad, for its multiple measures—and its attempts at formation of an effective national networking—to create awareness for water conservation, which is reflected in its clarion call to ‘Save Water, Save India.’ Government alone cannot thwart the looming water crisis and ensure the right to water to everyone. In a democracy, everyone is responsible; we all are responsible for saving water and saving life. Let us unite and resolve to save every drop of water and stop polluting our river, ponds and waterbeds, so that we and our children can survive.

Message from Dr. Pathak

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