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Date published: Friday, 10 March 2017 – 1:58pm | Author: DNA Web Team | Agency: DNA webdesk

Celebrating Holi

A widow dances during celebrations for Holi or “festival of colours” in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh on March 9. ​Image courtesy: AFP

Shunning age-old taboo, widows from Varanasi and Vrindavan played Holi on the premises of the 400-year-old Gopinath Temple on Thursday.

Clad in white saree, a large number of widows gathered at one of the oldest Krishna temples in the crowded Gopinath Bazaar in Vrindavan braving the morning chill and splashed colours on each other.


Widows celebrate Holi in Vrindavan ​Image courtesy: AFP

A large numbers of widows from Varanasi also participated in the event organised by social activist Bindeshwar Pathak, the founder of NGO Sulabh International.

Holi in Vrindavan

Widows congregated on a small patio of the Gopinath temple in which they live and danced and played with coloured powder to celebrate the occasion. Image courtesy: Reuters

“Their participation in Holi symbolises a break from tradition which forbids a widow from wearing coloured saree, among many other things,” Pathak said.

Gopinath Temple

One of the widows dances during Holi celebrations at ancient Gopinath Temple in Vrindavan on Thursday. Image courtesy: PTI

1,500 kg ‘gulal’ (coloured powder) and 1,500 kg of petals were arranged for the event, the NGO said in a press release.

Gopinath Temple

A widow dances in front of the pictures of Lord Krishna and Radha as she celebrates Holi at the ancient Gopinath Temple in Vrindavan on Thursday Image courtesy: PTI

The NGO has been paying Rs 2,000 to 800 widows living in eight Ashrams in Vrindavan and Varanasi for the last five years, the release added.


Widows playing Holi with flowers at Gopinath temple in Vrindavan on Thursday. Image courtesy: PTI

Phool ki Holi

Widows take part in Holi celebrations in the town of Vrindavan in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Image courtesy: Reuters

Festival of Colours

Indian widows celebrate Holi in Vrindavan. Image courtesy: Reuters

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