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As many as 50 widows from Vrindavan arrived in the city Sunday to dhaak (traditional drums) beats, cymbal chimes, blowing of conches and Bengali chants to enjoy their Durga Puja.

They were overwhelmed with emotion as they stepped on their homeland they left about 70 years ago after being ostracised due to widowhood.

Now, several Durga Puja organisers have invited them to formally open the pandals to the public. Durga Puja will be held Oct 10-14.

The group would be inaugurating Pally Mangal Samity Durga Puja in Jodhpur Park, in the southern part of the city.

Others like Salt Lake FE Block and Hindustan Park will also felicitate them. Besides, the group may meet Bengal Governor M.K. Narayanan.

Some of these widows were leading a sub-human existence till the Supreme Court intervened last year and asked Sulabh International to look after them.

"Today they lead a normal life, their healthcare and basic needs are taken care of," Bindeshwari Pathak, Sulabh founder, said.

He added, "Each widow in Vrindavan now gets Rs.2,000 a month. Earlier, they were not even able to make Rs.5 a day."

"When some of them expressed the desire to enjoy Durga Puja in , we thought this could be a noble idea – a break from the monotonous life in the ashrams," Pathak said.

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