The Sulabh Anthem

Sulabh is the sun, Sulabh is the moon,

And all the stars are Sulabh.


Sulabh is earth; the earth is bountiful,

It has all the charming colours.


Here are all the creatures, birds and animals,

And with them are the lovely human beings.


The mother earth has spread its wings,

In full bloom are colourful flowers.


Mountains, forests, flowing rivers beckon us,

Let us move together, O dear ones from abroad!


Let us sing the song of love and bring joy to the world,

Let us thus erase the dividing walls of class and colour.


Keep the earth sparkling clean, light the lamp of beauty,

Let’s edify the world with righteousness and humanism.


Keep clean, be helpful and happy,

Let us learn and spread this message.


Embrace everyone to make another world,

All come together to make the Sulabh world.