Development of skills is important for all but crucial for the less educated. To the members of Scheduled Castes, including Balmikis, it has a pointed relevance.

vocational-training-1The Sulabh Vocational Training Centre aims to provide development and training in diverse skills to boys and girls from weaker sections of society, especially from Balmiki households, so that they use their newly acquired talents to the fullest and achieve better economic and social adjustment. Its main objectives are: to mobilize boys and girls  from the weaker sections; to  enable them to pick up market-oriented trades and thus enable them not only to earn a living, but also to help them towards developing confidence, self-esteem and reliance, for being absorbed in the national mainstream.

vocational-training-2The courses are so designed that they help students acquire skills which help towards self employment. There is a follow up programme to monitor the progress of each student in later life.

The first Sulabh Vocational Training Centre was set up at Patna in 1985. It offered vocational training to young boys and girls in several trades. By all accounts, it was a roaring success. Shortly thereafter, another centre in collaboration with the Government of Maharashtra, was set up in Mumbai.

vocational-training-3It offered adolescents vocational training programmes in keeping with market demands in the then Mumbai area. It has been quite successful and continues to attract the attention of both trainees and employers.  Yet another centre was opened in Delhi in 1992. Presently it offers one year training in (1) English Stenography, (2) Cutting & Tailoring, (3) Beauty-care, (4) Computer, (5) Dress-designing, (6) Embroidery, (7) English and Hindi Typing  (8) Cutting and sewing, (9) Electrical, (10) Audio-Visual and (11) Cutting and Tailoring for Slum girls specially.