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03 September 2015 / Social Action

Braving social prohibited in India, the NGO Sulabh International allows widows to participate in religious ceremonies which they are normally excluded.


7865232August 29 was a special day for the widows of Vrindavan and Varanasi (India). They were able, within a day to overcome the stigma they experience and celebrate “Raksha Bandhan” (the bond of brotherhood between two beings) like the rest of the population …

7865233By inviting the widows to participate in this celebration, Sulabh International has once again broken the codes of the Indian society. In India, widows, following the death of their husbands are considered dead. Marital status condemned to isolation and opprobrium, depriving them of all social activities, including religious celebrations.

Under the leadership of its founder  Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak,  the NGO is fighting since 1970 for the recognition of rights of the oppressed.   The hard part is to change discriminatory beliefs rooted for millennia in mentalities.

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