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Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), one of India’s illustrious institutions for education in commerce and economics is organizing a three day Event from October 29th to 31st, 2015. It includes several events from domain of marketing and business along with cultural programmes.
Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, Founder, Sulabh Sanitation Movement was invited to deliver a talk on “The Core Essential to Leadership: Right Thinking and Necessary Action”.
While addressing the gathering, Dr. Pathak gave an important message and said, “Leadership is essential to society for a variety of reasons, it has been one of the most debated subjects in human history. However, despite almost three millennia of hard thinking and over a century of academic research into leadership, there is no consensus as to its core meaning, let alone being taught or its effects measured and predicted. Although there are thousands of books and articles on the subject, the jury is still not yet out on the true meaning and dimensions of authentic leadership, proving the point that more information does not necessarily enhance our understanding.”
He also indicated “leadership is something that cannot be taught. Indeed, leadership is difficult to be neatly formulated or articulated, and it can only be learnt step by step. Recognising that we all have diverse experiences and assumptions of leadership, I will neither try to define leadership nor take you to the contentious terrain of leadership literature but speak for myself. Gandhi-ji was fond of saying that his life was his message.”
Dr. Pathak concluded his speech by saying, “I desist from ideological grandstanding, and instead support everything that deepens our humanity. There is an old Indian maxim that in response to the demands of time and plac,e what is proper may become improper, and what is improper may become proper, and this underpins my life philosophy and leadership approach. This enables me to give my best to the things I can do, and leave the things that are beyond me, to others.”

Dr. Pathak conveyed his gratitude to SRCC for inviting him to share his thoughts and views about leadership.