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“Dr. Pathak has succeeded in wiping away the tears of widows. As one of them dramatically put it, ‘After Sulabh’s intervention, our desire to die has changed into a yearning to live’.”

The widows brushed off their nerves and strode the runway in colourful sarees to the encouraging cheers of the audience. The show was presented by renowned Fashion Designer Ms. Manali Jagtap and was choreographed by Mr Shie Lobo. Famous Models accompanied them on the ramp. For the widows, the show seemed to be a life-changing experience on the ramp of Mavalankar Hall, New Delhi. The buzz and glamour of the event was in sharp contrast to the dull and dreary life they lead at Vrindavan, Varanasi and Uttrakhand. No wonder, the widows received a resounding round of applause from the audience for their life-affirming and tradition-defying act.

Over the years, Dr. Pathak has been campaigning to enable the suffering widows to lead a normal and dignified life. Through his multiple measures for ameliorating the lot of the widows, he has brought a tangible difference in their lives, and has thus succeeded in his mission to give them a new lease of life. Prior to his intervention, hundreds of widows living in Vrindavan and Varanasi led a wretched life of neglect and penury.