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The most marvellous and surprising things in life are often the most simple. This morning, I saw some kind of miracle happening in a very ordinary street of the Indian capital. Tens of people were queuing at the entrance of Sulabh public toilet. Were they queuing for pee or for poo? I wondered how long time they would need to go inside… But more astonishing… women and men were waiting in the same queue!

The queue got longer as people arrived by bike, rickshaw and on foot. I later learnt that people were queuing in front of the `Sulabh Water ATM’ outside one of the Sulabh Toilet Complexes at Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi, just like a queue outside a milk booth, waiting for their turn to fetch Sulabh pure and safe potable drinking water. They get water at a cost of only Rs. 1.00 per litre here!…”

Mr. Xavier Zimbardo,
French Photographer and Writer

An innovative approach of Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, Founder, Sulabh International the ‘SULABH JAL (Water) ATM’ is the India’s cheapest purified safe drinking water, now sold at local levels, will be expanded across the country at approx. 8000 Sulabh Toilet Complexes. Sulabh Jal will be a boon for the residents of nearby colonies, the slum dwellers and also for the poor people who are otherwise deprived of pure potable drinking water and also those who can’t afford to buy bottled water available in the market. Sulabh will provide this water in phased manner throughout the country just like it has provided public toilets on `pay and use’ basis for the common man.

Sulabh is now cleaning, purifying and supplying SULABH JAL at 2 states – one in West Bengal and another in Delhi. In West Bengal the water is being sold at the minimal cost of 50 paise per litre and in Delhi at Rs. 1.00 per litre.

SULABH JAL is the India’s biggest experiment with bottled, potable drinking water. The water from the ponds and the river Ganges is being treated at three villages in North 24 Parganas, Murshidabad and Nadia districts of West Bengal and is being provided to the villagers for just of 50 paise per litre. This is for the first time in India that water sourced from the country’s most sacred river is being purified and sold in bottles. In West Bengal, the underground water is laced with high arsenic content and due to this the residents were suffering various diseases but now after they have started using the treated and purified SULABH JAL there has been marked improvement in the health of the people.

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