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Widows of Vrindavan have something to look forward to this Mother’s Day.

A card store company has launched a special campaign in collaboration with Sulabh International for the widows leading a life of misery in Vrindavan shelter homes.

According to the campaign, people can donate money at Archies card stores across India and funds thus generated would be used for the welfare of Vrindavan widows. The donations will be put to use for welfare schemes via Sulabh International.

“Mothers are special. Their strength is beyond the ordinary. Their tolerance is infinite. And their love is unreasonable. A mother cannot but love her children unconditionally because that’s how God made them. Sadly, we as children fail to realise that,” said a press communiqué issued by the company. Madan Jha, spokesperson of ‪#‎Sulabh‬ International, said thousands of mothers were leading a life of misery, loneliness and poverty across India. Many had been turned out of their homes by their own children because they couldn’t afford to take care of them in their old age.
“We want to remind people about the importance of mothers through ‘Adopt a Mom’ initiative, under which the funds from ‪#‎Archies‬ will help improve the quality of life,” said Jha.

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