Meet New Princess of Alwar:

Lalta Nanda

Nai Disha Restored Her Faith in God

“I missed nothing, as I took it as my wont. All I missed was my dignity… wasted down the years.’’ This is Lalta of Alwar in Rajasthan, mother of three and a widow. Former scavenger, today a proud woman. “Today I feel like being a woman, a human, a mother. Yesterday I felt like the dirt I carried on my… Read More


Usha Chaumar

Usha Wants to Dedicate Her Life to Scavengers

Very often we form opinions from theoretical positions and deep ingrained prejudices that obstruct our vision. It happened when I met this woman recently at a place where we would not normally expect rubbing shoulders with the so-called “Wretched of the Earth.” It was on the eve of International Women’s Day programme organized by Sulabh International… Read More

Sunita Nanda

Dr. Pathak Gave Dignity and Respect, says Sunita

That her life was going to be nothing but an ordeal of suffering and hatred without any hope of better tomorrow was becoming clear to Sunita Nanda as she settled down at Alwar as a teenaged bride. Within three to four days of her marriage, she was made to resume scavenging, the odious profession of carrying nightsoil as head-load, in which she had been engaged since childhood in her parents’ home… Read More

Laxmi Nanda

Dawn of Hope

Standing in the prayer hall with other women, she sings “Hum Honge Kamyab… (we shall overcome…)” with great gusto and fervour, for Laxmi Nanda knows she is one of those rare persons whose courageous life truly symbolises one of India’s favourite social harmony songs. This 27-year-old woman from Alwar district in Rajasthan has a petite frame but with her indomitable will she has Read More

Pushpa Devi

Pushpa: A Transformation

Pushpa Devi had been working as a scavenger for six years at Alwar. “I used to clean human excreta manually at three houses, getting Rs. 600/- per month, equal to fifteen dollars. Sometimes, pieces of bread were thrown at me from distance after cleaning latrines and I was asked to go away immediately.  My husband, Sunil, was a sweeper. He was drowned in a well. We couldn’t maintain our family….  Read More

Guddi Topiya

Bidding Misery Goodbye

“I used to live at Sawai Madhopur (Rajasthan) which was my paternal home. Our major source of income was groundnut farming. In winters we sold the groundnuts and my mother used to run the house with whatever money we got in return. When I was 14 years old, I got married and came to Alwar (Rajasthan),” says Guddi… Read More