For Shri T. N. Sheshan

Shri T. N. Sheshan was the first recipient of the award; subsequently, Dr. Manmohan Singh (1996), Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee (1997) and Shri Khushwant Singh (1998) were chosen for this prestigious award.

Mr. T.N. Sheshan, who has been described by many as the terror of dishonest politicians, was presented the “Honest Man of the Year 1995” award on Sunday, for his tireless efforts to make “democracy safe in India”.

The first-ever award of its kind in the country, the honesty award was conferred on Mr. Sheshan by Mr Chandra Shekhar , who as Prime Minister had appointed the chief election officer to this constitutional post.

The award comprises a gold medal, a citation and a cash component of Rs. 5 lakhs which Mr. T N Sheshan said he would donate to a 1desh bhakta’ trust he was founding to work for restoration of the dignity of this country.