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“Members and the staff of the Sulabh family, students, learners, ladies and gentlemen,
I want to greet you all and, as you know, we all humankinds, we belong to different religions, so we are the sons of the God, so in the name of the God, I want to greet you with a big smile ‘Namaste’.

Dr. Pathak, I want to thank you very much for inventing this technology; by doing so, as I read somewhere, you have prayed a lot to God because you have helped some people in distress.
I did notice by inventing the technology you have restored the dignity of the poor people, especially the women. May God bless you in that endeavour. To the staff of the school I am very pleased to thank you. I am very pleased to have prayed in my heart for you. To the learners, I think that, what you are learning here has already helped to improve your life, to improve the life of the humankind.

I belong to a developing country and today I know the reason why the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has taken the decision to build toilets all over the country. That technology has to be exported.

Some colleagues of mine, some Ambassadors, diplomats have already visited that school and we are trying to duplicate in our country.

So’am very pleased to say that this is my first visit. As long as I am in Delhi, in India, in the capacity of Ambassador I will be one of your Advocates…

Dr. Pathak, thank you very much, thanks to all of you and Namaste”.