Calculated Per Year Water Saved If Sulabh Two-pit System Is Implemented For 700 Million People

Using Sulabh toilet an amount of 8 litres of water per flush is saved per person in comparison to septic tank that requires 10 litres of water to flush toilet (Sulabh requires only 2 litres of water to flush).

If 700 million people use such a toilet a calculated amount of 5,600 million litres of water will be saved per flush. Taking into account use of flush twice a day the figure will be 11,200 million litres per day or 40, 88,000 million litres per annum.

Total Numbers of users per day 700 million
Water used in Sulabh two pit toilets 2 litres
If used Sulabh two pit toilet in used then water used 700 million X 2 litres
1,400 million litres

Had it been Septic Tank

Water used in septic tank 10 litres
Hence, water used per day 700 million X 10 Litres
Water saved in one day by 700 million people 7,000 million litres
(7,000–1,400) million litres
5,600 million litres
If toilet is used twice a day 5,600X2 million litres
11,200 million litres

Water saved in a day=11,200 million litres So, water saved in one year

By Sulabh two- pit system (11,200 X 365)million litres
40, 88,000 million litres

Water Saved From Existing Sulabh Two-pit Toilet In One Year


Sulabh has implemented over 1.2 million two-pit toilet, where per flush only 2 litres of water is required. Assuming 7 persons of a family per toilet it save 56 litres of water per flush in comparison to septic tank system. Assuming two times flush per day one unit will save 112 litres of water per day i.e. (1.2 X 112 ) million litres = 134.4 million litres per day i.e. 49,056 million litres per annum.

No. of Two-pit Toilets constructed by Sulabh 1.2 million
No. of persons who use one toilet (average) 7
No. of times use toilet (average) 2
Total No. of users per day, 1.2 million x 7 8.4 million
Water used in Sulabh two-pit toilet 2 Litres
2 litres x 8.4 million
So, water used by 8.4 million people 16.8 million litres

Had it been Septic tank

Water used in Septic tank 10 litres
So, water used by 8.4 million 8.4million x 10 litres = 84 million litres
Hence, water saved by existing Sulabh two-pit toilet (84.0-16.8) million litres
67.2 million litres
(67.2 x 2) million
If toilet is used twice a day litres = 134.4 million litres

So, Water saved in a day = 134.4 million litres. Hence, Water saved in one Year by Sulabh two-pit system

=(134.4 x 365) million litres = 49056 million litres

Cost of Manure from existing Sulabh two-pit toilet in one year

No. of toilets constructed by Sulabh (Twin-Pit) 1.2 millions
Average family members 7
Manure obtained from a person in a year 40 kg
Cost of manure Rs. 10 per kg
Hence, the Cost of Manure by Sulabh twin-pit toilet is 1,20,000 x 7 x 40 x 10
Rs. 3360 million
Rs. 3,360 million per year

Cost of Manure from toilets to be constructed by Sulabh twin-pit toilet for 700 million people per year 1 person produces 40 kg manure in 1 year

700 million persons produce 40 x 700 million kg manure
28000 million kg. manure
28 million tons manure
Cost of Manure (in 1 year) Rs. 1, 40,000 million
Cost of 1 kg of manure is Rs. 10.00
Cost of 28000 million kg. manure Rs. 10 x 28000 million Rs. 2,80,000 million
$5185 million

Cost recovered from for 1,000 user’s biogas plant, in the form of energy per year

One person produce 1 cft of biogas
per day So, from a Public Toilet of 1,000 users we get 1000 Cft of Biogas (30 cum)
30 cum of Biogas 4.6 gallons of diesel
4.6 gallons of diesel 4.6 x 4.55 litres of diesel
21 litres

So, in a day we get 21 litres of diesel

Hence, total diesel obtained in a year 21 x 365
7,665 litres/year
Cost of diesel @ Rs. 50/- 7,665 x 50

Per year for one biogas plant of 1000 users Contribution Of Sulabh To Save Global Warming

No. of Two-pit Toilet constructed by Sulabh 1.2 million
Average users of Toilet per day 7
So, total Nos. of users (1.2 x 7) million
8.4 million
1 person produced 1 cft gas per day (1 x 8.4) million gas per day
So, 8.4 million persons produced 8.4 million cft gas
240000 cum
So, total gas absorbed in soil 0.24 million cum gas per day
Total gas absorbed in soil in (0.24 x 365) million cum
One Year 87.6 million cum


If 700 million people used Sulabh two-pit System

Then total gas produce in 1 day 700 million x 1 cft
700 million cft
20 million cum
So, total gas can be absorbed in soil in one year 20 million cum x 365
(by Sulabh Two-pit system)
7300 million cum
200 Biogas Plant constructed by Sulabh
Average Biogas production per Plant/day 45 cum
So, total biogas production per day (200 x 45) cum =9000 cum
Hence, Biogas produced in a year 9000 cum x 365 = 3285000 cum
3.9 million cum
Total gas saved by Sulabh technology (87.6+3.9) = 91.5 million cum

Since, Methane damages the Ozone Layer of the atmosphere, from environmental point of view, it became harmless when it is used for different purposes like cooking, heating, or electricity generation.