Temples or Toilets

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THE INFRASTRUCTURE DEBATE Ahead of 2014, temples or toilets – what does India need more? As the debate rages, we ask the young if poor infrastructure is the key factor holding India back? Will bijli, sadak, paani or the lack of it, determine political fortunes? We discuss on this episode of My Vote Rocks. Source… Read more »

India’s Ostracized Widows Get Second Chance

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VRINDAVAN, INDIA — Nearly 2,000 widows who have been abandoned by society and their families live in government shelters lacking basic amenities in India's northern city Vrindavan.  The Supreme Court last year said the women should be given the resources and support they need to live their lives with dignity. One organization is trying to make… Read more »

NGO takes widows from Vrindavan to Kolkata for Durga Puja

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Kolkata: A group of 50 women from Vrindavan, mostly widows, are in Kolkata to celebrate Durga Puja. Along with celebrations, they are also making a bold social statement. 91-year-old Maanu Ghosh returned to Kolkata, her birthplace, after two decades. Married at 11 and widowed at 40, Maanuma was abandoned by her family, eventually seeking refuge… Read more »

बंगाली विधवाओं के चेहरे पर दिखी खुशी

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इस बार दुर्गा पूजा के अवसर पर वृंदावन से वापस अपने गृह नगर कोलकाता आई बंगाली विधवाओं के चेहरे की खुशी देखते ही बन रही है. पश्चिम बंगाल की मुख्यमंत्री ममता बनर्जी ने वृंदावन की बंगाली विधवाओं को कोलकाता में बसाने में मदद की पेशकश की. समाज सेविका क्लब में विधवाओं से भेंट के बाद… Read more »

Vrindavan widows go pandal hopping in Kolkata

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Kolkata: The Durga Pujas officially begin on October 10, but celebrations have already started on the streets of Kolkata. And participating in the festivity is a very unusual group of tourists. Fifty Bengali widows from Vrindavan, forgotten and neglected by their families, have been brought to Kolkata by an NGO for West Bengal's biggest festival. Like… Read more »

Scavengers appoints as Ombudsmen

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Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak,Founder Sulabh International, adminstrating oath to Seven Former Women Manual Scavengers after appointed as Ombudmen of Sulabh International,at Sulabh Gram in New Delhi on Monday.Sulabh International has decided to take its campaign against manual scavenging and support Parliament Bill banning Manual cleaning of toilets.Now these Women Ombudsmen take the responsibility of top functionary… Read more »