Sulabh International, DD Lok sabha

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Deoli-Bhanigram, a hamlet near Guptakashi, from where the Kedarnath yatra begins, had become infamous as “Village of Widows” after most of the men who are engaged in various jobs in Kedarnath yatra lost their lives in the devastating floods. To mark the second anniversary of the disaster, Sulabh International volunteers have decided to spend a… Read more »

A Mother’s Day, no mother would want

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Mothers are special. Their strength is beyond the ordinary. And their love is unreasonable. This film tells us the true story of one such mother. And of thousands of others like her. We hope it touches your heart and inspires you to make a difference. We wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

National Function on ‘Untouchability No More’

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A Historic Event, the pages of history has been turned today and it was declared that “UNTOUCHABILITY NO MORE”. A path-breaking Event to end the age-old practice of “Untouchability” organised by Sulabh International’s Founder Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, to pay homage on the Birth Anniversary of Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar at the Mavalankar Hall, Rafi… Read more »