An interview with Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of Sulabh International

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Sulabh International Social Service Organisation, an NGO, founded in 1970 has become a known name for people especially in North India. It works towards the improvement of sanitation and scavengers in India. They developed toilet facilities, which do not require scavenging to clean.   Go to a railways station, bus station or a shining Delhi metro station, the… Read more »

Q & A – `Women suffer sanitation absence most also impacts economy’

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One month after the horrific Badaun gang rape exposed how gravely at risk women and minors lacking domestic toilets are, India's sanitation scenario remains dire. Social worker and Padma Bhushan awardee ​Bindeshwar Pathak is founder of Sulabh Sanitation Movement, an organisation that helps build low-cost toilets across the country. Speaking with Fozia Yasin, Pathak discussed the socio-economic… Read more »

Toilets have brought about social change

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Interview Bindheshwar Pathak Bindheshwar Pathak is an Indian sociologist known for his contributions to building toilets India and other countries. His organisation, Sulabh International, works to promote human rights, environmental sanitation, non-conventional sources of energy, waste management and social reforms through education. Till now the organisation has constructed 1.3 million household toilets and over 8,000… Read more »

Tanzania: Meeting the MDGs On Sanitation Need Thinking Outside the Box

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OPINION THE limited access to improved sanitation is a serious health risks to billions of people particularly those who live in developing countries. Globally, 2.6 billion people are without access to improved latrines and 1 billion people practice open defecation. In Tanzania, 91 per cent of rural population and 78 per cent of urban population… Read more »

Tanzania to Benefit From Sulabh Toilet Programme

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TANZANIA and the world on November 19, this year, joined hands in celebrating World Toilet Day and spent the day reflecting on the challenges of meeting the MDGs on sanitation. India's largest NGO, Sulabh International Social Service Organisation has been actively working on restoring human dignity to people of the lowest caste who traditionally cleaned… Read more »

I can end manual scavenging in three years: Bindeshwar Pathak

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Interview with Founder, Sulabh International Sulabh International founder Bindeshwar Pathak tells Sreelatha Menon if the wealthy in India would spend to build toiletseverywhere, it would lead to a revolution. Edited excerpts: What steps is the government taking to do away with manual scavenging? No work is happening. There are 7,00,000 bucket toilets in the country that are cleaned manually, while another… Read more »

The foreigners that call India’s holiest city home

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The ancient city of Varanasi is known as the religious capital of India. It is here that many come to die as they believe their deaths lead to salvation from the rebirth cycle. Many foreigners have also made the holy city their home. Presenter: Murali Krishnan Speaker: Paul Drillsma and Christopher Burchett, Varanasi residents; Bhindeshwar Pathak, sociologist… Read more »

The best things in life are free

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Costs can really add up when you're travelling and on Breakfast this morning Cammo chatted to the Sydney Morning Herald's Tripologist Michael Gibecki who shared with us some of his top fifty things you can do around the world for free. His list includes the British Museum in London, the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris and the memorable Sulabh International… Read more »

Widows seeking salvation in Indian holy city

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India's holiest city Varanasi attracts millions of pilgrims seeking purification in the waters of the river Ganges. Among those seeking salvation are widows. Widows are often shunned and stigmatised by their families and communities. They come to Varanasi in the hope of improving their lot in their next life. But, as Janak Rogers reports, some… Read more »