Sulabh Sauchalaya to begin toilet construction from Pashupati area

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KATHMANDU, APR 26 – After conquering India with sanitation facilities, Sulabh International is all set to expand its public toilet construction project to Nepal as well. On Friday, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the organisation and Zonta Club Kathmandu to construct public toilets also known as “Sulabh Sauchalaya” starting from the Pashupatinath and Guheshwori… Read more »

Toilets have brought about social change

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Interview Bindheshwar Pathak Bindheshwar Pathak is an Indian sociologist known for his contributions to building toilets India and other countries. His organisation, Sulabh International, works to promote human rights, environmental sanitation, non-conventional sources of energy, waste management and social reforms through education. Till now the organisation has constructed 1.3 million household toilets and over 8,000… Read more »

When Jack ‘Mr Toilet’ Sim visited an open defecation free village in India

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Prof Jack Sim is the founder of World Toilet Organization(WTO). Not having a university degree did not stop him from starting his own business at age 24. At 40, having reached financial independence, he retired from his business and dedicated his remaining years towards humanitarian causes that can give real meaning to his life. Prof Sim… Read more »

BBC World News Horizons explores why human waste is one of biggest public health issues facing world today

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In the 12th episode of the series, Adam Shaw travels to New York to meet Dr. Doulaye Kone, senior program officer for sanitation technology with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to discuss how new technologies are changing the way we manage human waste.   As the urban population increases, this creates a growing and… Read more »

Vào bảo tàng WC xem các kiểu toilet từ cổ chí kim

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Khám phá Bảo tàng kì lạ này trưng bày đến hàng trăm bệ toilet, tất cả để hướng đến một tương lai tốt đẹp hơn cho chất lượng vệ sinh tại Ấn Độ. Đến thăm bảo tàng nhà vệ sinh tại New Delhi (Ấn Độ), bạn sẽ không khỏi ngỡ ngàng với hình ảnh những bệ xí… Read more »

U.N. Campaign Targets Open Defecation in India

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'Take Poo to the Loo' Prompts Plenty of Giggles—and Anger—Among Health Advocates NEW DELHI—He's lumpy and brown. But, boy, can he dance. Meet the unlikely face of Unicef's latest public-health campaign in India: Mr. Poo. The anthropomorphized feces is part of a campaign—"Take Poo to the Loo"—that tries to tackle a problem that has been… Read more »

Why Toilets Are a Simple Solution to Saving Lives in India

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I just got back from my seventh trip to New Delhi, India’s capital. I ate in my favorite tandoor restaurant, jogged along familiar colonial-era avenues, and—a new one for me—attended the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s second annual Reinvent the Toilet Fair.  Reinventing the toilet is not the same kind of technological quest as say,… Read more »

Indian widows break traditional restrictions to celebrate Holi

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Thousands of widows from the holy city of Vrindavan in northern India have broken with tradition to celebrate Holi, the spring festival of colours. It was a symbolic revolt from a community that's normally forced to live in poverty and isolation. Reporter:Murali Krishnan Speakers: Sushma, Parvathi Thakur, Krishna Basi, Vrindavan widows, Vinita Verma, program coordinator for… Read more »

Holi voor de weduwen van Vrindavan: een dag feest in een leven zonder kleur

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Voor de weduwen van het Indiase stadje Vrindavan verloor het leven alle kleur zodra hun echtgenoot overleed. Ze zijn verstoten door hun familie en wachten, gekleed in een witte saree, op hun eigen dood. Holi, het feest waarbij de lente met water en kleuren wordt begroet, gaat elk jaar aan hen voorbij. Maar dit jaar… Read more »