Concerted efforts needed to improve sanitation

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INTERVIEW/FEATURES Limited access to improved sanitation is a serious health risks to billions of people particularly those who live in developing countries. In Tanzania, 91 per cent of rural population and 78 per cent of urban population have no access to improved sanitation. This translates to approximately 26 million people use unsanitary or shared latrines… Read more »

World Toilet Day demonstration in Madrid for third-world sanitation rights

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ACTIVISTS demonstrating outside the foreign affairs and cooperation ministry pretended to defecate on the street this week. Their controversial action was to call for Spain to do more in the world fight for the human right to proper sanitation – not in Spain, but in third-world countries where people have no toilets. And this apparently tasteless… Read more »

Indian Prime Minister launches anti-filth campaign

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CHRIS UHLMANN: It was Indian independence hero and cleanliness champion Mahatma Gandhi's birthday yesterday and public servants across the nation commemorated in a unique way – they each picked up a broom and cleaned their offices. The World Bank says poor sanitation and hygiene costs India's economy $50 billion each year and the country's recently… Read more »


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Open defecation is a huge problem throughout the world.  Although the numbers have improved over the past 20 years, over one billion people still practice open defecation.  Nowadays, there are a lot of organizations working to eliminate the practice, but few have been working towards this goal as long as Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak.  His work… Read more »

It’s the little things: Toilets seen as tool against rape in India

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Indoor toilets will limit opportunities for attackers to prey on women at most vulnerable When it comes to civilization, it's the little things. In the drive to get more indoor toilets throughout India in order to combat open defecation, these toilets are also being seen as a valuable tool against rape. Indoor toilets will help… Read more »