‘Delhi needs at least 50,000 urinals’

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Sulabh International founder Bindeshwar Pathak feels the government has to gets its act together if it really plans to promote the use of toilets.  In an interview with Sugandha Pathak, he suggests direct  funding and a  more aggressive awareness campaign.  Excerpts: How do think Delhi fares in providing public toilet facilities? Delhi requires at least… Read more »

India’s sacred City of Widows

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Abused or banished by in-laws after the deaths of their husbands, nearly 15,000 women seek shelter in Vrindavan. VRINDAVAN, INDIA — Lalita Goswami was married only a few years when her husband, a Hindu priest who beat her and abused drugs, died of an apparent overdose. She was left with three young children. Still, she… Read more »

Let’s talk about it: Ramesh has brought toilets into public discourse, now devise solutions

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It's good that union minister Jairam Ramesh has triggered an animated conversation around toilets, usually given short shrift in public discourse. But at the same time, pitching temples against toilets on a priority scale has confounded the debate. The issue at hand cannot be boiled down to a simple faith vs utility argument. Temples are places where… Read more »

A stinking mess

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Census 2011 threw up a malodorous statistic: people in 49.8 per cent of households have no toilet facilities and defecate in the open. In contrast, 63.2 per cent of households have a telephone connection, of which 52.3 per cent have cell phones; as for televisions, almost half of the country’s households possess one. Nobody would… Read more »

Sulabh comes to Jairam’s defence over temple-toilet row

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  A prominent NGO involved in promoting sanitation in the country today strongly defended Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh who created a controversy by saying there were more temples in the country than toilets. Sulabh International founder Bindeshwar Pathak came in Ramesh’s defence after BJP attacked the minister and Congress distanced itself from his controversial… Read more »

Sulabh gesture to Vrindavan widows

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Five ambulances provided to help deal with emergencies Making a humble effort to lift the spirits of abandoned widows who have made Vrindavan their home, Sulabh International on Thursday dedicated five well-equipped ambulances to them for dealing with medical emergencies. Sulabh International, which had earlier taken steps for the welfare of the widows of Vrindavan… Read more »