Build loos, but also toilet train men

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Experts Blame Social Conditioning; Suggest Hefty Fines On Offenders New Delhi: While men urinating on Delhi streets is a common sight, the recent shooting of a 17-year-old girl who tried to stop her 26-yearold neighbour from urinating outside her house has shaken public consciousness. Although there is acute shortage of public toilets in the city,… Read more »

Sulabh gives job to women who revolted against lack of toilets

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Low-cost sanitation NGO Sulabh International on Sunday offered jobs to three women who revolted against their in-laws for lack of toilets in their respective matrimonial homes in Uttar Pradesh. On the eve of World Toilet Day, regular jobs were offered to three run-away brides from Gorakhpur area of the State, Sulabh International, which has so… Read more »

From plastic portable loos to Sanitary Bonds, India needs a latrine policy

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  After Mahatma Gandhi, Jairam Ramesh is the only national leader to be genuinely concerned that 65 years after Independence, some 600 million Indians in the 21st century continue to use open skies as their latrines. While Lee Kuan Yew continues to exhort Singaporeans to have cleaner loos, our ministry of railways thinks depositing human excreta all along the country's… Read more »

Sanitation Shortage Hurts Health, Education of India’s Girls and Women

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Inadequate sanitation facilities in rural and urban India endanger the safety and health of girls and women as well as force them to drop out of school and quit their jobs. Advocates demand that the government and community prioritize this basic need before pursuing further technological advancements in the country. NEW DELHI, INDIA – Each… Read more »

Indian government launches ‘no lavatory, no bride’ campaign

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The Indian government has launched a 'no lavatory, no bride' campaign, telling women to reject potential suitors if they cannot provide an inside lavatory. The comments were made by India's controversial rural development minister, Jairam Ramesh, who recently angered Hindus by pointing out there were more temples than lavatories for the country's 1.2 billion people…. Read more »