Public revolution possible if Parliament doesn’t fulfill duty: Meira Kumar

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Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar on Monday voiced fear that people could take to the streets if Parliament fails to address the issue of social inequality and prejudices. "If Parliament does not fulfill this responsibility duly, then public revolutions will take place on roads and possibility of bloodshed cannot be denied," she said. The Speaker made… Read more »

Overview: Mama Josephine Mushumbusi his youth owafadhili training related to sanitation in India

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  Co-Chadema Secretary General, Mama Josephine's Mushumbusi tofafanua topic in ongoing training in New Delhi, India. Mama Josephine Mushumbusi , whose commitment, scored a trip to India, where he found some which ingewafaa Tanzanian education. He was not selfish, he did not call his relatives instead went Singida, Tunduma, Ubungo, Bunju and Mwanjelwa, he gathered several Tanzanians and… Read more »


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The story is about the origin of untouchability in India which started during the Vedic period. This social discrimination continued during the Buddha, Mauryan, Mughal and British period. Though, the untouchables did good things for the society like cleaning the human faeces of others to protect their health and environment, but the society in lieu… Read more »

विधवा-वृद्धाओं को शिक्षित करेगी सुलभ

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  वृंदावन, कार्यालय संवाददाता : सुलभ इंटरनेशनल ऑफ सोशल आर्गेनाइजेशन प्रमुख बिंदेश्वरी पाठक ने कहा कि संस्था अब वृंदावन के सरकारी आश्रय सदनों में रहने वाली विधवा-वृद्धाओं को सुशिक्षित करेगा। उनके आंख, दांत, कान की तकलीफ दूर करने के लिये ठोस कदम उठाया जायेगा। श्री पाठक सुलभ टीम के साथ शनिवार को महिला आश्रय सदन… Read more »

उषा से आशा…

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राजस्थान के अलवर में रहने वाली ऊषा चाउमार ने अपने साथ सैकड़ों स्त्रियों को सिर पर मैला ढोने की प्रथा से छुटकारा दिलाया. विकास कुमार की रिपोर्ट. ऊषा पहले तो बात करने में खुलती ही नहीं. बेहद औपचारिक तरीके से दुआ-सलाम और फिर इधर-उधर की बातें करती हैं. लेकिन बार-बार अपने बारे में बताने का आग्रह… Read more »

Sulabh is taking a unique initiative on sanitation: “SOCIOLOGY OF SANITATION”

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Sulabh International Centre for Action Sociology in close collaboration with Sulabh International Social Service Organisation is holding the National Conference on “SOCIOLOGY OF SANITATION” ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION, PUBLIC HEALTH AND SOCIAL DEPRIVIATION at Mavalankar Hall, Rafi Marg New Delhi, on January 28 & 29, 2013, (Monday & Tuesday). This is a preliminary conference to do brainstorming… Read more »

BMC Mayor inaugurates four new deluxe PUCs

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  Bhopal Municipal Corporation Mayor Krishna Gaur inaugurated four newly constructed advanced deluxe public utility centres at Indrapuri market, Gandhi market Piplani, Sonagiri square, and Bajranj market in Barkehda Pathani on Thursday.  The Corporators of the area, BMC officials and senior citizens were present at the occasion.Lauding the facilities available at the utility centers, the… Read more »

In India, the lowest class still shovels other people’s feces

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  The Indian Supreme Court expressed concern at the delay in passing a bill to ban manual scavenging. The Indian Supreme Court expressed concern on Tuesday at the delay in passing a bill that would ban manual scavenging. The bench told Attorney General G.E. Vahanvati, "They [manual scavengers] are marginalized and Parliament needs to take… Read more »