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A Beautified, Modified, Renovated Assi Ghat, on the bank of river Ganga in Varanasi, witnessed Holi Celebrations when the hundreds of widows of Vrindavan sprinkled gulal, flowers and rose petals on one another to play Holi, the festival of colours, heralding a season of joy and gaiety.
The celebrations, mooted by Sulabh founder Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, breaking the shackles of tradition, proved to be an unprecedented step towards ending social prejudice against the widows as age-old social tradition bars them from playing with colours.
It was at this Ghat that revered saint Tulsidas left for his heavenly abode. The Ghat has been cleaned and beautified now, complete with benches and boats for the devotees.
When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the ghats to inquire about the ongoing cleaning operation on December 25, 2014, he expressed great satisfaction over the restoration and cleaning of the ancient Assi Ghat in Varanasi. Lauding the role of Sulabh International Founder Bindeshwar Pathak and his NGO Sulabh International for having renovated and cleaned the century old Assi ghat whose at least 25 steps were covered with silt and mud for several decades, Mr Modi said ghats were unique to Kashi's culture and history and the government will clean and beautify all of them.