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By Emily Zanotti|4:08 pm, June 23, 2017

A tiny village in northern India is being renamed after Donald Trump in honor of his first visit with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi—and to bring attention to a wave of new toilets being installed in some of India’s remote towns.

The not-for-profit Sulabh International helps villages far outside India’s major cities and that lack the basic infrastructure needed for sanitary plumbing to dig pit toilets. That keeps human waste from running into the water supply, and helps prevent the spread of disease.

Village elders in the newly minted Trump Sulabh Village agreed to rename their tiny hamlet in return for 60 free pit toilets—one for each dwelling in the village.

They have no idea who Trump is, some of the villagers told The Washington Post, but they’re happy for the toilets, and hope the program leads to more infrastructure funding.

Indian women gather to listen to a speaker next to a poster with the image of US President Donald Trump. (AFP/Getty Images)

The villagers were even taught to yell “Zindabad!” (“Long life!”) every time Trump’s name was mentioned during this week’s grand toilet unveiling.

Sulbah International’s president admitted to the media that the Trump moniker was a publicity stunt, but says that India’s situation is desperate. If it takes Trump’s name to draw attention to the lack of basic sanitary facilities, then the plan will have worked, he says.

“Trump is the president of the leading nation in the world, so that’s why I chose him,” he said.

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