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Here is a ​list of 5 ​innovative ​toilets that ​India can adopt ​to address the ​problem of ​ sanitation.

  • Solar Powered ​Urine Diversion ​(SPUD) Toilets: ​

Having the ​qualities of ​affordability, ​and user-​friendly, this ​toilet is 100% ​waterless and ​chemical-free ​and can be ​easily ​installed in ​rural parts of ​India. ​Highlight- ​Human waste ​turns into ​manure. ​

  • Portable Tent Toilets:

It’s an ​earth-friendly, ​convenient and ​portable ​solution to ​open defecation ​in slums. The ​waste is ​collected in a ​biodegradable ​bag that ​contains ‘​ChemiSan,’ ​a material that ​helps to ​deodorize and ​decompose the ​waste. ​Highlight- ​Helps in saving ​water. ​

  • Dr Bhindeshwar ​Pathak’s ​Eco-friendly ​Two Pit, Pour-​Flush Compost ​Toilet: ​

This serves as ​an alternative ​to the ​comparatively ​extensive ​sewerage septic ​tank based ​systems. ​Highlight – ​this toilet ​technology has ​also been ​recommended as ​a Best Global ​practice by the ​UN.

  • LIXIL’s SaTo (Safe Toilet) Pan:

With a cost-​friendly ​innovative ​design, this ​toilet suits ​best for poor ​households. ​Certain models ​are tailored ​for areas where ​concrete is not ​widely used in ​the construction ​of toilets, ​while another ​is intended for ​places where a ​seat is ​culturally ​preferred to a ​squat toilet. ​Highlight – The ​water seal ​installed, ​reduces ​transmission of ​disease by ​insects, ​reduces odor ​and reduces the ​volume of water ​needed to flush.​

  • Garv  Stainless ​Steel Public ​Toilet ​Infrastructure: ​

Indestructible ​and smart – ​This is a ​comprehensive ​and sustainable ​solution to end ​open defecation ​in rural India. ​The model is ​flexible enough ​to suit varied ​needs depending ​upon the ​conditions in ​each area. ​Highlight- The ​output is an ​odourless, ​colourless ​liquid that can ​be used as a ​pesticide spray ​later. ​


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